Extremely simple to use - enhances skills & efficiency of users.

Key Features:

  • Single screen entry of most data.
  • Tracks and controls order status.
  • Maintains inventory of framing and other items.
  • Integrated mailing list.
  • Interfaces to numerous mat cutters (Wizard, Eclipse, Gunner, Fletcher, etc.).
  • Customized systems from single stations to large multi-store operations.
  • Pricing set up for you to your standards.
  • Integrated  frame order visualization.
  • Integrated e-mail capabilities.
  • Numerous reports on orders, sales, inventory, etc.
  • Optional POS (point of sale) module is available. 
  • Endorsed by leading framing experts.
  • Be writing orders to your specs 10 minutes after installing software.
  • Over 20,000 framers already trained.
  • Over 2500 installations

Central Frame Shop is designed to be the most complete wholesale framing system on the market. Capable of electronically receiving or manually entering orders for length, chop, mats (Wizard and Gunnar compatible), complete frame jobs, custom option to samples. Processing can be done by batch or individual order. The whole system including invoice, customer info, accounts receivable, phone order entry, and more work together effortlessly.

CFSWIN is the distribution arm of the Eagle Computer system and does the following:

  • Imports orders sent through EEZ-Order, eliminating the order entry process. 
  • Checks inventory availability on imported orders. 
  • Maintains perpetual inventory; tracks historical sales and usage information. 
  • Schedules production of imported orders. 
  • Invoices imported orders after production. 
  • Complete Accounts Receivable package. 
  • Tracking of orders through entire process and delivery.

A revolutionary experience in placing picture framing orders, EEZ-Order is a simple communication solution for the framing industry.  It provides an electronic link between picture frame retailers, wholesalers, and manufacturers for order transmission and return confirmations.  One can place orders with over 130 picture framing vendors on one screen with just a few clicks.  It also provides an automated interface to robotic equipment.